7 Days Drawing & Painting Challenge for Kids



Welcome to the creative world of “Tada- Dada Art Club “ Learn, entertain and get inspired by a new age visual learning experience. Through these videos, you will learn drawing and painting in a step by step and very easy way. This course has 30 various videos. Very carefully designed for you in order to empower your imagination, creativity, problem solving attitude and also to boost your confidence. Every video consists of exercises of various drawing and painting techniques like memory drawing, still life, abstract, portrait, texture painting, folk arts, favourite cartoon and many more.

You can learn through these videos anytime and anywhere, and can pause, rewind or replay as per their choice. Your questions also answered.

So what you are waiting for is to quickly join the course and be expert in Drawing and Painting.

Learn entertain and get inspire with “Tada – Dada Art Club”


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