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ABACUS Syllabus :

About Training program :
Children from age 4 to 15 years are eligible to learn ABACUS. They need not to use calculator or computer to learn Abacus. Abacus is the best way for all children to learn how to calculate without using a calculator, pencil and papers.
Our Mental Arithmetic Program is divided into two categories :
(1) Abacus JUNIOR – 4 Levels ( 12 months program )from children of age 4 to   5  years.
(2) Abacus BASIC –    8 Levels ( 24 months program ) from children of age 6 to 15  years.
In Abacus JUNIOR Program – Children will learn –
(a) Alphabet,
(b) Number,
(c) Basic Idea of Addition,
(d) Basic Idea of Subtraction,
(e) Forming of words, etc.
All the programs are play program.  (Playing with Learning).
In Abacus BASIC Program – Children will learn –
(a) Addition,
(b) Subtraction,
(c) Simplify,
(d) Multiplication,
(e) Percentage (%),
(f) Division,
(g) Square
            (h) Square root,
(i) Cube
(j) Cube root
            (k) HCF & LCM.


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